Sleep Apnea -Test Kit

Sleep Apnea -Test Kit

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                                          SLEEP APNEA- SNORING HOME TEST KIT

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Snoring Home Test Kit, is used to detect sleep apnea and snoring events from the comfort of your own home or bed.If you experience  snoring,  excessive daytime sleepiness, early morning headaches, irritable, insomnia or any other sleep problems, that is an indication that you might need a sleep studies.Sleep studies can be done in a sleep clinic or in client’s home, the sleep test kit is used mostly at home.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Home testing kit is suitable for those who have a phobia for sleeping outside one’s home.Sleep Apnea and Snoring Test kit is a self-administered test kit, it is easy to operate and we can assist you, by showing you how to use the kit.

The image above is included for reference only. This item cannot be purchased online, contact us directly for more information or walk in to loan one.


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