CPAP Masks

CPAP Masks

A CPAP Mask is an interface through which forced air produced by CPAP machine reaches  and open collapsed upper airways caused by obstructive sleep apnea; resulting in  cessation of snoring.CPAP Masks are designed in various styles and function to handle from simple sleep apnea pressures treatment to a complex one, to help you sleep restfully and comfortably.

 There are three types of CPAP Masks (proper mask fitting will prevent mask leakage which compromises therapy)

 CPAP Pillow Masks: Plugs into nostril only (not suitable for those with chronic sinusitis)

 CPAP Nasal Mask: Covers over the nose only ( suitable for most people)

 CPAP Full Face Mask: Covers over the nose bridge to the chin of the mouth (suitable for mouth breathers)

We care all major brands of CPAP Mask with competent medical staff, who would help you choose the best cpap mask for you.

Brands we carry include Resmed CPAP Masks, Philips Respironics CPAP Masks, Fisher & Paykel CPAP Masks and more.